Currently, our institution has been experiencing problems and financial crisis to meet the needs of day-to-day activities as there is no proper source of income/funding opportunities. So, we felt that the institution can provide their basic needs like nutritious food, cloth, books and alike only through your timely generous help and go forward with its proposed activities. As the number of children is increasing year by year, we request you to help these destitute children in our home. It will be a great help for us to provide utmost care, protection and all facilities to these unfortunate children until they matured enough to face the challenges of the fast changing world.

Please make your Cheque payable to Hosanna Children Home OR Demand Draft in favor of Hosanna Children Home and send it to:

The President,
Hosanna Children Home
No7, water Tank Road
Lower Camp,
Periyar Project,
Theni District, Tamil Nadu,