About Us.

Hosanna Children Home is a humble initiative of Pastor Immanuel who hailed from an ordinary family, but always cherished a better dream for future not only for himself but for his immediate surroundings that was marked by poverty, unemployment, poor nutrition, illiteracy, dilapidated houses and poor standard of living conditions especially pathetic situation of women and children of disadvantaged and socially excluded community. During the course of his intervention in the villages IN Tamil Nadu to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he noticed that the deserted children who lost their parents and children, whose parents are deceased, have been experiencing many problems, struggling for their survival as they are helpless. So, on completion of his Theological study at USA/UK, the immediate initiative he undertook was to establish a Children Home recognized and approved by Hosanna Children Home based at Saint Lucie Lane, Palm City, Florida, United States of America, which could in future, a beacon of hope for many poor orphaned and semi-orphaned children and children belongs to marginalized and disadvantaged segments of the society regardless of Caste, Creed, Religion, race etc. With the noble intention to provide proper care, protection and shelter to these poor children, Hosanna Children Home was established in the year 1981 and registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 and functioning well. Since inception, he began to accommodate poor orphaned/semi-orphaned children in the home and rearing them in a homely atmosphere.

Hosanna children Home has been admitting children who have lost parents or one parent, children from poverty-stricken families and broken families helping orphaned, children in difficult circumstances and children belong to the families in Financial Crisis and children of physically/mentally challenged parents through providing free accommodation, nutritious food, clothing and quality education by sending them to the school near the home, proper medical care and recreation facilities. The founder of the Home Pastor Immanuel has been running the Hosanna children home through collecting donations from individual donors and members of churches at UK and USA during his yearly visit to U.K and U.S.A. During his period, Pastor Immanuel has been accommodating 35 to 40 children every year by visiting once in a year to U.K and U.S.A and addressing the members of church congregation about the activities of the Home, plan of action and the immediate needs of the Home and collecting donations from them. Thus he has been running the home very successfully and helping these children.

Now it is a recognized Children Home, helping orphaned, semi-orphaned children and children belongs to the poor, marginalized, disadvantaged and socially excluded segments of the society.

In the month of January 2009, Pastor Immanuel died due to Liver Cancer, which is a great loss to the Children of the home. After the death of Pastor Immanuel, the funds from the donors was stopped suddenly since nobody is there in the home to visit U.K or U.S.A. to collect funds from the donors, which affects the well being of the children. But after the death of Pastor Immanuel, Mrs. Judy Immanuel wife of Pastor Immanuel, a dedicated social worker has been taking care of the home and continuously running the home in the midst of financial crisis through collecting donations from some Philanthropists, well-wishers of the home and contributions from the members of the organization which is only a temporary arrangement. It would be very difficult to run the home continuously since she felt it difficult to collect such a huge amount to cater to the needs of the children properly. We find it very difficult even to pay the salary for the staff and unable to meet the basic needs of the children properly in time in the midst of severe financial crisis.

In the midst of severe financial crisis, it is not possible to accommodate more number of Children in the Hosanna Children Home as in the past during the period of Pastor Immanuel. Under this circumstance, only 151 children including Orphaned, semi-orphaned, and children belong to families in crisis and broken families, are staying in the Hosanna children Home enjoying all the facilities like Food, Clothing, education, medical care etc. The children in the home enjoy games and other extra-curricular activities. In home environment, the children are able to express their views as much as their hopes and aspirations. The needs for such expression are understood by us and to help the child overcome his/her difficulty and meet his/her basic needs. Thus the children are enjoying all their rights written in the law. Currently, the strength of the children in the Hosanna Children home is 135.